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Keeping an Urge-log
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TOPIC: Keeping an Urge-log 126 Views

Keeping an Urge-log 07 Jan 2021 22:13 #360797

An urge log will help you in replacing the panic you have when you get an urge and help you deal with urges better by urge-surfing them with non-judgemental curiosity of them

Write down your urge, what type of action is it telling you to do?

What does it urge feel like? Remember urges are just physical sensations is your heart racing faster? do you feel tightening of the chest just observe the physical symptoms and write them down. Which part of your body do you feel it in

From 1-10 how strong does it feel" and then without judgment keep observing it "does it change" "is it getting stronger or weaker" and again despite the answer there is no reason to judge just write it in your urge-log

Give your urges a name such as "my goofy friend" The "used car salesmen" is back and let it tell you what it wants just observe with curiosity it is just an urge.

Then think about the beliefs your urge might be telling you? For example it might be telling you "that you will feel really awesome by acting out" "you have no option but to act out" "You deserve to act out" write the beliefs down in your urge-log without fighting those beliefs despite the fact that those beliefs are irrational. By writing it down and using an urge-log it will help you Urge-Surf your urges.

Important quote from Cordnoy
"The need is a perceived one. There has not been one reported case on these pages of a death occurrin' on account of not fulfillin' that need

“I avoid looking forward or backward, and try to keep looking upward.” 

"My recovery must come first so that everything I love in life doesn’t have to come last."

Feel free to reach out

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Re: Keeping an Urge-log 07 Jan 2021 23:27 #360802

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Thank you! This is a great idea because when you try to suppress a feeling it doesn't leave it actually just gets stronger, however by observing it you allow your mind the chance to work through it and it will go away. 
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