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General Rules

1.) Any cross-gender communication on our forum, or off it, is strictly forbidden. The men and women's forums are totally separated. Men cannot access the women's forum, and women cannot post on the men's forum. Chatting or Private Messages between the genders is blocked by our system, and the women's e-mail addresses are hidden in their profiles. If, in spite of all these safe-guards, a man or woman finds a way to contact someone of the opposite gender from our website, they will be banned from the forum. Our volunteers review logs of all PMs and chats on our network (even private chatting).

2.) The GYE forum welcomes diverse viewpoints and creativity, provided that they are within (or at least not in conflict with) a Torah framework.

3.) Topics where opinions are strong and which can easily lead to controversy should generally be avoided, especially if they are not related to the issues of this forum (e.g. reconciling Torah and science, politics, etc...).

4.) Please try to make your posts understandable to the average reader on the forum. If there are spelling or grammatical mistakes that make your post hard to understand, a moderator may make some minor adjustments to your post to make it more understandable.

5.) Posts may not contain Lashon Horah, disrespect to Talmidei Chachamim or Chazal, Keffirah, or other violations of Halacha.

6.) Vulgar or blasphemous language, even if used in jest or "tongue in cheek," is forbidden on the GYE forum.  Furthermore, posts that are in poor taste may be edited or removed.

7.) No one may post anything that may insult, embarrass or offend another member of the forum. If this happens by mistake, the offender should be quick to apologize.

8.) Posts should not contain details (about personal struggles or otherwise) that others may find triggering, or contain links to websites that some may find triggering. If a member wants to submit a detailed post that may need to be edited, he should send it to the administrator or to the moderators as a private message.

9.) Please exercise caution in posting details about therapy sessions. What your therapist recommends for you may be completely inappropriate for other people.

10.) We encourage everyone to share what works for them, or how they view recovery. We ask, however, that no member "put down" or "prove wrong" or "discredit" any other approaches to recovery that may be working for other members. For example, the 12-Step program works well for many members of our community. We have had to block members in the past who repeatedly tried to discredit the 12-Step method on our forum, causing a lot of machlokes and confusion. It is Ok to ask questions, but it is not Ok to continually insist on discrediting any method that works for others.

11.) GYE takes internet safety very seriously. While the need to be cautious is vital no matter where you surf, it is even more important when you are involved in a forum that caters to sex/Lust addiction. The GYE forum is completely anonymous and should remain that way. Posts should not contain any personal information such as real last names (although using real first names is healthy for recovery), email addresses, telephone numbers or personal websites. Avoid mentioning any information that a third party could use to locate you - your school or shul name, favorite hangout spot, etc. are examples of things not to discuss on the forum.

If you want to share your e-mail address for the purpose of finding a partner or sponsor, please use our partner/sponsor program.

Unfortunately, befriending strangers on this forum can be just as dangerous as in real life - if not more so, since you have no way of verifying their identity and this forum caters to sex/lust/love addicts. As a rule of thumb, never agree to meet in person with someone you met on this forum. If you decide to get to know someone from the forum a little better, demand identification and voice verification before revealing any personal information. It goes without saying that men should NEVER meet women and women should NEVER meet men. This is not just a matter of tznius, it’s a matter of safety. Use common sense and trust your gut. If you suspect something is fishy, report it to a moderator AND stop communicating with the suspect.


Upholding the Rules

1.) GYE moderators are authorized to edit posts that, in their best judgment, are in violation of the above rules/guidelines. "Editing" means removing or modifying the offending language or, if necessary, removing the entire post.

2.) If you read a post that seems inappropriate, please click "Report to Moderator," and give a brief explanation as to why the post should be edited or removed.  Your report will be kept confidential.  Everyone's assistance is greatly appreciated, as it is difficult to moderate all posts in real time.

3.) Anyone found to be in violation of the rules may be either warned or blocked from the forum, at the discretion of the administrator.



1.) Any post you make on this forum can be used in Chizuk e-mails, posted on our websites or shared in any way (anonymously, of course).

2.) WARNING & DISCLAIMER: Sometimes people post on our forum for a number of months, receive hundreds of replies and chizuk from the community, and then they get scared that someone may be able to identify them and they request that we delete their account. First of all, we find it difficult to believe that anyone could identify a poster on this forum. There are over a thousand members, all usernames are anonymous, and it would be almost impossible to figure out who you are - unless you posted identifying details in your post. So, if you DID post identifying details in any of your posts, simply go back to those posts and modify them. You can modify any of your OWN posts. However, WE DO NOT delete people's memberships. We cannot just erase your threads. If we did, there would be many valuable chizuk replies on your threads and posts that would be lost. All you can do is modify your own posts and change your username if you want. Therefore, let this disclaimer be clear: Anyone who makes a membership on GYE and begins a thread, can no longer ask us to delete their membership or posts.

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