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השגחה פרטטית
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TOPIC: השגחה פרטטית 3851 Views

Re: השגחה פרטטית 26 Dec 2018 22:59 #338047

  • the.guard
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Beautiful share, thank you!

I'm just curious, if it was open with the white-list, why did you need to call the company to add it to the white-list?

Also, you say you started the 90 day challenge on your 16th day clean - but that was before you found GYE, no? So how did you know about the 90 day challenge?

Just trying to get clarity on this beautiful story. Keep up the amazing work, Hashem is indeed with you - and with everyone who tries to succeed in this crazy world (and takes serious steps like you did)!
Webmaster of - Maintaining Moral Purity in Today's World. We’re here on a quest ; it’s really all a test. Just do your best and G-d will do the rest.

Re: השגחה פרטטית 27 Dec 2018 06:16 #338055

  • דרך ישר
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Thanks Yerushalmi for keeping the stories coming as this a huge chizuk for everyone when we see בחוש אלמלא הקב''ה עוזרו אין יכול לו AND פתחו לי ]תח כחודו של מחט ואני אפתח לכם כפתחו של אולם

Re: השגחה פרטטית 31 Dec 2018 20:06 #338116

  • Yerushalmi
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I was 16 days clean on my own, when I found GYE and started the 90 day challenge. On my first try, I lasted only 18 days. My second try, also lasted only 18 days. On my 3rd try I lasted 194 days. Then I fell, and stayed down for 8 days. I started a 4th time, and now am at 126 days. 
I joined GYE as soon as I saw it, even though it should have been blocked. To make sure that it won't be blocked in the future, I contacted the filter company (GenTech Solution), and added it to the whitelist, just in case. 
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