Sunday, 12 February 2012

Mazal Tov to "Me3" upon reaching 90 Days Clean

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"Me3" is a very inspiring guy who does a lot of "spirit lifting" on the forum with his upbeat attitude and great sense of humor! He spends most of the time helping others.

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How to fall
A Step by step Guide
By: The Yetzer Hara

It's his favorite tactic.

It starts with the simple, innocent Google search.
Then, after you've searched 60 pages for absolutely no reason, and even though you've already found what you wanted on page 2, you are bound to find something inappropriate.
Then it's: "Let's just click on the link to see if it's really inappropriate or just looks that way".
Then it's: "I can't believe you can find this stuff looking for such an innocent item!"
And: "look! that too!"
"Tsk, Tsk, really terrible..."
"I'm going to "X" this out in a second"
"Wow, did you see that?!"

Do I need to continue?


The Yetzer Hara is a very smart guy.

First he tells you, "it's nothing, just curiosity. I'm just looking. I have no interest in this stuff."

Then he says, "it's harmless chatting. No big deal!"

And before you know it, he has you falling so far and so fast that you don't even know what hit you!

He's an old pro.. been in the business for thousands of years!

Baruch Hashem, you've come here before you've fallen too far.

But it's imperative for you to realize that you are at the brink. And it's a long nasty way down from here.

So grab onto the lifeline GYE is throwing you.

Don't look back!

And sign up for the 90 day chart.

May today be the first day of the rest of your life!