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Living for the First Time

GYE Corp. Thursday, 09 February 2012

It is my greatest joy to log in from time to time and see so many new members joining this Milchemes Hashem. These past 5+ months have been much more than a relief from my horrible addiction. Thanks to everyone here at GYE, I have been living for the first time in my life. Life is infinitely more interesting when I am not obsessed with self-serving activities. Giving up my addiction to Hashem has been, for me, an opening to let Him in to my entire life. I feel His presence in my life, and I never want to go back to the other situation that I used to call life.

When I began this journey, one of the things that scared me the most was the idea that I would have to work on staying in recovery every day for the rest of my life. I mean, as an addict, all I wanted to do was get as far away from the garbage and become a normal, self-serving non-addict. But after tasting the sweet feeling of living with the purpose of doing Hashem's will, I actually look forward to the opportunity to work on living this way every day of my life. Some days are easier, some are harder, sometimes I don't remember Hashem as I should, but every day has a purpose and a reason for living. What a sweet feeling!