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Mazal Tov to "Me3" upon reaching 90 Days Clean

"Me3" is a very inspiring guy who does a lot of "spirit lifting" on the forum with his upbeat attitude and great sense of humor! He spends most of the time helping others.

GYE Corp. Sunday, 12 February 2012
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"Me3" posted:

So I actually managed to find my own thread. Excuse me while I get rid of the dust and open some windows here.

Today I hit 90 days, and now - just as promised, poof! I have no more desire to look at inappropriate sites. Amazing!

OK fine, maybe not exactly.

So what did I accomplish?

Well, the internet hit me hard when I left yeshiva and went to work, and when I was exposed to high speed internet it was a disaster. Not at first, but as I became bored with my job and needed something to amuse myself, I fell in hard.

I've wasted countless hours destroying my soul.

I tried everything and nothing helped.
I promised myself I would improve.
I made nedarim.
I stopped going online, except to 1 or 2 sites.

And sure I stopped, like a smoker quits a thousand times.
It could even be that I stopped for 90 days in the past (I never counted).

So what's different now?

Well the story is still in progress, but here are some things I've done:

1. I installed k9 and I don't have the password. (See this page for info on how to do this).

2. I've found a solution for boredom; it's called GYE. Not only does it keep me busy and give me chizuk, it allows me an opportunity to rectify some of my past wrongdoings by helping others who are struggling.

On the way to work this morning I looked up at the grey overcast horizon, and I never saw a brighter sky in my life.

Thank you GYE!

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