Sunday, 12 February 2012

Mazal Tov to "Me3" upon reaching 90 Days Clean

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"Me3" is a very inspiring guy who does a lot of "spirit lifting" on the forum with his upbeat attitude and great sense of humor! He spends most of the time helping others.

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Me3 writes chizuk to someone who feels he is a BAD person after repeated falls:

Of course if you want, you can decide that all is lost, you're a jerk, loser, reincarnation of the Satan and stay in your bed all day moping about your sorry life, etc.

That will help a lot!

We can't stress this enough. If you were a bad person, you would not be here on this site. You would be somewhere surfing and m**ing to your hearts content right now.

Why come here?

The people who come here, come because they are good people. In fact, although I can't prove this, I think that a good percentage of the people here are respected as "better than average" members of their respective communities.

These people have a problem, a serious problem, that they want to beat more than anything else in the whole world. Granted, they may have ended up in this mess due to their own failings and shortcomings. They, however, regret their actions and desperately want to be free of this addiction.

You have a flaw that you are aware of, and you are working on correcting it and making progress. So you didn't beat it in one shot (shock of shocks!), but progress has been made.

You, my friend, are a good person (now say it 10 times!).


My yom kippur thought:

Every person on this site,
no matter how long they have been clean,
and no matter how many times they fell -
are engaged in fighting their Y'H.
They are not sitting passively.
Yes, they don't always win,
but they are fighting.
And that is exactly what Hashem wants from us.

Basically everybody here is more successful in this battle since they found this site.
And we have Guard to thank for enabling us.


Rosh Hashana was good, I focused on being Mamlich Hashem as one should.

I wasn't sure where I was going regarding Yom Kippur. I had plenty to ask forgiveness on, however I was also going in with a 45 day streak behind me B'H. I always try to bring myself to tears as one should, but I was feeling that I had already put into place the things that I planned on working on this year.

So I began davening, went through Kol Nidrei, started Maariv and I reached the words in Shemona Esrai of "Somaych Noflim - He supports those who fall"

And I thought of falls.
And I thought of GYE.
And of the feelings that come with a fall.

The darkness,
The despair,
The depression,
The blackness,
The guilt,
The numbness.

And then I thought of Hashem Who is Somaych Noflim.
He lifts us up after a fall,
He puts us back on the right path.
He gives us the strength to continue.

And I started crying.