Sunday, 12 February 2012

Mazal Tov to "Me3" upon reaching 90 Days Clean

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"Me3" is a very inspiring guy who does a lot of "spirit lifting" on the forum with his upbeat attitude and great sense of humor! He spends most of the time helping others.

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A humorous post by "Me3" before Rosh Hashana:

It has come to my attention that people have been neglecting the forum to attend to matters in the outside world.
This is not acceptable.
I understand that there are some times that you need to take care of things.
However, these things should be done quickly,
as to allow you to immediately return here to your real home.
Don't use the outside world as an escape,
to avoid your real family.
You are not required to have an outside life,
but you need to have a GYE life!
(Take Guard's example; he he sleeps right here on the forum)

That said (swallow hard), we will be closed till after Rosh Hashana.
I want everyone to be brave.
Try to be positive on Rosh Hashana,
even though you are away from home.
But please call home immediately after Yom Tov,
so as not to worry the family!

A Gut Gebencht Yur!


I think what is important in beating this thing is not surfing because you are controlling yourself, as opposed to not surfing because there is a filter blocking you. Because no filter is fool proof, and it is impossible to never again have access an unfiltered computer. Also, if you are controlling yourself you will resist "seeing if you can beat the filter" or "testing just how good the filter is", etc... and all the other clever tricks the Y'H has up his sleeve.