Monday, 12 October 2015

The Daily Fight

by neroyair (See all authors)

Hey! What's all this commotion?

I second Hillel's notion.

There is no magic potion

Nor "anti-falling" lotion.


Stay a while.

No room for self pity or denial.

Put your "Will power" on trial

And guilt, despair, and other thoughts so vile!

It's time we all adjust.

Cuz in G-d we all do trust

He won't create a "bust"

It's our daily victory over lust!

Just follow our dear Cap'n.

Through him Hashem will make things happ'n.

Just keep your head on straight, and keep those toes a tapp'n

We only fall when we jump off the ball and the addiction catches us napp'n!

So give and give and give some more

That's what we were created for.

To just keep takin', our purpose forsak'n, would be the biggest bore...

Fears, resentments melt away.

We live and die just for today.

For our sobriety we all do pray,

Please, G-d Almighty, JUST ONE MORE DAY!