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We Must Fight Back

“We’re in a very crazy situation and Hashem is going to push us to the corner,” he continued. “The world is a filthy place. There are many inner, hidden sins of immorality. God is using the Muslims to wake the Jewish people up from their spiritual slumber.” 

obormottel Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Everything that happens on Earth is connected to what's happening in Shomayim. In every Jew, there are 70 nations struggling for dominance over the "Jew" part inside of us. Considering the current situation, we must fight back. We, the GYE members, are Hashem's front-line soldiers! We must stand up with messirus nefesh for Hashem and for what's right, and not give in to the darkness and lies of the 70 nations inside of us. This must be OUR way of fighting back against the madness today.