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Chizuk from Gemorah

obormottel Thursday, 08 October 2015

Shabbos 31b: "All the Torah in the world won't save a person unless he has Yiras Shomayim." Artscroll footnote at the end of the sugya defines Yiras Shomayim as negating YOUR will in order to fulfill Hashem's will. Yes, Torah and honesty in business are indispensable, BUT the Yiras Shomayim is both the PURPOSE of existence and the preservative of our Torah and all we accomplish. And that is the exact same DEVEYKUS HASHEM that we in the program are working toward! GEVALDIG!

I had two amazing A&W's (hashgacha) that I have to share with you.

1) At the top of 31b when Rashi is describing the garlic eater moshul, and compares it to repetitive sins, my Magid Shiur said "this shows that when a person "falls" he doesn't throw in the towel and give up, and do more aveiros - instead he should get up and get back on the right track right away, no excuses - sheva yipol hatzaddik v'kum!!"

2) The second one was a neighbor stopped me and said "Among all the chassadim that HKB"H has done for us lately, the greatest gift he has given us was that we each said hundreds of times: "I HAVE NO POWER!! I AM POWERLESS!!"

Baruch Hashem that Hashem has led me to understanding all of this!! I wouldn't trade in my WORST days in recovery for my best days in addiction.