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Triggers Shopping in Stores
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This is a board for all the important threads that we don't want to get lost among the others :-)
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TOPIC: Triggers Shopping in Stores 1529 Views

Triggers Shopping in Stores 08 Nov 2017 03:55 #322132

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I wonder if anyone is discussing the struggles we can have with shopping. Whether it's trying to cope with the non-Jewish music (many of which are about their view on relationships and sexuality), the big non tznius posters, the racks displaying, and/or especially if you are shopping for clothing; the pictures they put on display, and of course the accepted layout of most stores: to put men's and women's clothing right next to each other, and to have women's clothing the first thing you see when entering the store... and whatever else can come up in such places. 
Personally for me it's a great struggle to juggle trying to get my mind on something else but the music, trying to keep my eyes away from all the many things I shouldn't see there, and to top it off, I actually have to think through what I need, the prices, and timing (I usually have other things on my to do list as well). Personally, shopping itself (even if all these problems were to disappear) is hard for me. I guess my male filing-dependant, more or less one task accomplishing brain really kicks in. 
Anyway, if this bothers others as well and they would like to discuss it, let's do this!

Re: Triggers Shopping in Stores 08 Nov 2017 04:03 #322133

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Lizhensk wrote on 20 Jul 2015 10:46:
Step One: We admitted we were powerless over our fear of shopping, that our lives had become unmanageable.....
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Re: Triggers Shopping in Stores 08 Nov 2017 04:55 #322137

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It is definitely a real challenge. If possible one should avoid stores that have a triggering atmosphere even if they are not part of GYE. In Halacha it is referred to as "Ika darka achrina". I know of quite a few very normal people who almost never step foot in department stores. Obviously for some this is near impossible. I have also seen people remove their glasses when picking up items in pharmacies etc where they knew the counter displayed inappropriate items. And I would like to stress these are not "super yeshivish or chassidish" people. Recently much has been written about the halachos of shmiras eynayim. People are becoming more aware that there are real issurim involved - not frumkeiten or chumros.
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