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Moving Targets Are Harder to Hit

GYE Corp. Monday, 23 January 2012

So here I am on my third week of my climb back up... How can I make this one better?... How do I make these clean days get me more return for my buck than the last days did?... I think about something I first learned from Dov and read about later in the SA literature... SA defines recovery as a progressive victory over lust.. I think that is the key, right there.... To try and make each day less lustful than the last day... While ultimately, our goal every day should be getting as close to the zero factor on lust. Each day we need to take an affirmative step that will get us there.... "What can I do today to be less lustful than yesterday?" is the question... And I believe that thinking along those lines can help us defeat the oh-so-dangerous sense of complacency that comes along with each progressive day...

But it's not gonna happen every day... I may lust more today than yesterday, but if you can somehow chart the lustfulness, the slope should be on the decline... This is what I need to internalize, and this is what I need to work on... My progressive victory... Moving targets are harder to hit... I can't afford to stand still... (Sorry Walt Clyde Frasier, in this war, the best offense is a good offense).