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Every Day is 'Day 1'

GYE Corp. Monday, 23 January 2012

I want to share today something that I feel is very important to make sure I get out - and off my chest. The 90 days is for sure a must to get where you want to go. However, the first day is more important then the rest of those 90. I look back now and see that at day 1, I knew nothing about myself. I knew I had a problem, but not much else. Day 1 is when you are actually more brave then any other time. It shows you're ready to give in and try. I know that everyday farther away from the dirty past is a good one, but it would not have happened without day 1. In a way, I try to see everyday as day 1. For that is the day I found my life and the many wonderful things that go with it. I found myself more connected to wife, family and friends. Most important though, is I found myself connected to myself. I also rekindled my love for G-d. This journey continues, and I know now that there is time for family, G-d, friends and relaxation. The road is still bumpy. But life, REAL LIFE, is so precious.