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The Only Way to Success

Dov Chats with a Teen

the.guard Monday, 31 May 2021
The Only Way to Success

Teen: So I was successful for 2 weeks and then I messed up (the school doesn't filter the computers that they give out).

Dov: You practiced the right thing for 2 weeks. You got 2 weeks worth of practice living the clean life. Nice!

Teen: Yeah def. I guess the only way to change my intentions is by sticking to them no matter what, by making a commitment to Hashem and a commitment to a healthy life - and living by it.

Dov: And the only way to do that is to practice it. You will never just do it magically, suddenly. Practice is the only way, and you will practice and fail and practice and fail and practice and fail. That's the way it needs to be. No worries. That's the way to success. It's probably the only way to success.

Teen: How are you able to stay clean for 20+ years?

Dov: I'm an addict and I don't have any real choice in the matter.

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