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The last fall was not really part of me

GYE Corp. Monday, 23 January 2012

Today is about a month since my last fall, but over two months since I began counting.

I think that I can honestly say now, four weeks after the last fall, that even my fall was an exception to the rule, and was not really part of me, like it would have been before I started my journey.

I feel that the fall itself was part of the journey, and was ultimately constructive and not destructive. The main lesson from it was... yes, how to handle a fall. In fact, I discovered an interesting paradox. It seems that once I got the fear of falling out of my system, only then was I able to relax and become the new me. Like a child who is learning to ride a bicycle. As long as he keeps on looking down, concentrating on "not falling", he will continue to fall. Only by focusing on his journey, will he learn to keep his balance.