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The Call With Therapist Rabbi/Dr. Fish

GYE Corp. Sunday, 22 January 2012

We had about 16 guys on conference call with Rabbi Dr. Naftali Fish of Yerushalayim (see website) on Elya's phone group this past Sunday (see our Israeli Therapist Page for more about him). It was a good crowd and a lot of good questions were discussed. There was a meditation at the end.

For those who couldn't make it, a recording of the call can be downloaded at

this link

(There are some minor interruptions in the recording, but I think basically everything was recorded).

Here is a short recap of the call, as written up by Elya who moderated the call:

The "Nachat Ruach program" is an adjunct to the 12 steps programs developed by Dr. Naftali Fish.

Nachat Ruach, which means Serenity, is a result of the self esteem we develop as children by the age of 5 or 6. By this age, the model of how we function has been "programmed" within us.

The majority of addicts have a wounded inner child (this is backed up by solid APA research). The inner child was emotionally abused or experienced some trauma, even slight trauma, which has caused shame and a sense of failure. This exhibits itself in a feeling of not being loved, and it feels like a "hole" in the person's soul. Addiction attempts to fill this hole.

We, as Yidden, have a divine soul. Our essence is always healthy. The way out of addiction is to tap into this divine soul, which is our inner child - pure and uninjured.

Addiction and the 12 steps teaches us HOW to get out of our addiction... The TORAH teaches us WHY we should get out of our addiction and cling to this Divine Soul. The 12-Steps speak of a higher power. The Torah teaches us about the higher purpose that this higher power has for us.

Dr. Fish explained his process as complementing the 12 steps, and involving meditation and hypnosis. During this relaxed state, clients meditate on words from Tehillim such as, "Tamu U're'u Ki Tov Hashem - Taste and see that G-d is good" and "Serve Hashem with Simcha", which is achieved through Dveykus (attachment) to Hashem. Our mission is to channel our passions to love Hashem.

Thank you Elya - for arranging this call, and thank you R/Dr. Fish, for agreeing!