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The Intimacy Compartment

the.guard Tuesday, 26 May 2020
The Intimacy Compartment

Every human being has a compartment in their brain for the area of intimacy. As long as this so-called "box" hasn't been opened yet, it remains only in potential and does not take up much bandwidth in the mind, if any at all. This is the normal case with pre-adolescent children.

As a person matures and enters puberty (in the early teens), the box begins to open and serves he purpose of encouraging a male and female to come together, to love each other, and to bring life into the world. But in our early teens, since we are not emotionally mature enough to be able to raise children, provide for and care for them, Hashem asks us to keep the box closed and wait for the right time.

Unfortunately, this "box" is often opened far too early in pre-adolescent children, either through sexual abuse r"l or through premature exposure to pornography. Mankind has facilitated the exposure to explicit material today on the internet with the simple swipe of a finger! And for children, pornography actually is a type of sexual abuse, because it forces this compartment in the brain to open up before the body and mind are capable of processing the information maturely.

And even after a person has matured, pornography puts this compartment of the mind into over-drive. Instead of being just a small "box" that takes up just 5% of the mind, as it is supposed to, porn rewires the brain to take up the vast majority of its space! This causes a gradual breakdown of functionality in other areas of the person's life.