Monday, 20 February 2012


by M.B (See all authors)

I own a SurfScope router ( and I have not been able to defeat it. It records the computer screen, stores the captures on the router, and replays it over and over later on the screensavers. The screensaver feature is convenient, because who has time to manually look through hundreds of captures every day? It uses encryption, and if you try to tamper with anything, it cuts your internet connection. The website also has a video that describes how it works. The router resides in a locked cabinet that uses a weird lock that locksmiths have not been able to pick. The settings can not be changed without the key. (One's wife or an accountability friend holds the key).

Note: It is not a filter, so you can get to any website you want as long as you don't mind your wife and kids seeing the captures on their screensavers with daddy's name on it.