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It's not about "ME"

GYE Corp. Monday, 30 January 2012

Last night was a tough night. I basically ended up spending all night reading GYE. Often I would be doing other not-so-good things instead. As they say, spend the time on "healing" instead of the addiction.

What I realized is, that life is a challenge. I need to "play the game" and move up in "levels." Every single thing in life is tailor-made to challenge me to get to the next level. It's not about "ME". If I'm out to "receive" instead of to "give", I'm missing the point. I need to shift my thinking and realize that every single pleasure I get is a gift, an extra. It's not a right, or even an expectation.

By realizing that God is in control, and focusing on what God wants from me EVERY moment, I will be able to connect to God and achieve true happiness. By being giving to others and expecting NOTHING in return, I can achieve even greater happiness, since anything I do receive from them will be an extra, a plus; something special. Once I achieve this paradigm shift, I will be a different person - nothing will faze me.