Thursday, 08 December 2011

I Did Not Create Me

by True Ratzon (See all authors)

Today I thought of an important yesod. After a fall we get self critical and say, "yes we try hard but ultimately we aren't really so good. We end up giving in too easily and don't fight like other tzadikim fight."

These are words that seem to ring true but they are the words of the Satan. How do I know these are the words of the Satan? First of all because Rabbi Shafier from the says so, (listen to this 5 minute clip), but secondly, because when we tell ourselves that we are simply poor ovdei Hashem, at that moment we lose almost all desire to serve Hashem. We feel that "because I'm on a low level it doesn't even pay to fight and I won't amount to anything or grow at all".

The message of today is, "I did not create me. I did not ask to be born in this taiva filled generation, and I did not ask to be given these desires. But Hashem designed my life to be placed here in this generation with a strong set of desires, and Hashem wants to see me struggle and progress through each nisayon. I'm going to win some and lose some but I'm going to get back in the ring and keep fighting the tide with all my koach!"

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