Thursday, 01 December 2011

How Much More Must be in Store!

by GYE (See all authors)

In the course of our trip, we had to ride the subway a few times, go through airports and drive through Manhattan. You can imagine the Shmiras Ainayim struggles in those places in mid-summer!

A thought occurred to me that helped me in these areas. Wherever I turned, there were "pleasures" beckoning to me. And the more powerful the pleasures beckoned, the more I said to myself as I turned away, "if there is so much pleasure around us that Hashem doesn't want us to have, imagine how much pleasure Hashem must have in store for us that he does want us to have!"

In other words, Hashem is Tov U'meitiv. He created the world for our benefit, to bestow His good upon us. And if He doesn't want us to have the pleasures that we see all around us, then obviously He has something MUCH BETTER in store for us! So instead of fighting the Yetzer Hara by biting our teeth and turning away (while cursing in our hearts), we can rejoice each time we see something that pulls us. Because the greater the pleasures around us appear, the greater the pleasures Hashem must have in store for us must be!!

So next time we turn away from that strong pull, we can smile to ourselves and say -"wow, if that was such a strong pull and such a strong pleasure that I can't have, then SURELY there must be something SO MUCH GREATER in store, if I only run after Hashem instead!"