Dealing with "stinking thinking" and moods

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by Yechezkel (See all authors)

Dealing with "stinking thinking" and moods #3

If we truly realized and internalized that our emotions are 100% coming from our thinking, that there is 100% correlation between our thinking and our feelings, there would be many positive implications and ramifications.

One other major ramification is that we would realize it's not necessary to change the world for us to feel better.

We often try so hard to force our environment and the people around us to change in a desperate hope to feel better.

It usually doesn't work. Not only it doesn't work, it makes things worst.

Looking for the reasons why we feel negatively in our lives and our environment gives the negative feelings deeper roots, more negative thoughts, more negative feelings - it's a negative spiral.

Realizing the reason we feel negatively is because our thinking has gone stinking, makes it much more likely that the thinking and the feelings will fly with the wind quicker.