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But It's So Accessible!!

GYE Corp. Monday, 23 January 2012

Sometimes it just seems so hard to resist. After all, it's so easy to access the pleasures. They just seem to be everywhere! And we ask ourselves, "how can Hashem expect us to hold back when it's so easy to get it all?"

There are two things we can tell ourselves when these kind of thoughts strike.

1) When we pass some delicious looking pork chops or cold-cuts in the super-market isles, it's also very accessible to us. No one sees, we can pay for it and just gobble it up in no time. So why do we not feel such a strong pull? The answer is, because in our minds, it's just not "Shayach" to us at all! We have been raised to know that non-Kosher food is completely out of our pleasure experience spectrum, so we don't even think twice about it!...

We need to use that same frame-of-mind when the urge for illicit sexual pleasures strikes us as well, whether it means turning away from looking/following that pretty girl, or holding back from looking at Shmutz on the computer. We have to tell ourselves that it is completely not Shayach to our P.E.S (pleasure experience spectrum) - in the same way that pork is not Shayach!

2) If we would be standing on the edge of a roof, would we think to ourselves, "hey, the ability to jump off is so "accessible" to me, it's so easy - how can I hold back"? Of-course not! We'd back away from the edge and be careful, 'cuz no one wants to harm themselves!

Well, we need to develop this same frame-of-mind for the shmutz as well. As tempting and "accessible" as it may seem to be, will we jump off the roof??

As "Penitent" wrote on the forum recently:

I used to get thoughts while I was driving, "what would it be like to swerve my car into a truck?" Rav Avigdor Miller himself said, "Did you ever get the urge to kill yourself? That's the Yetzer Hara entering your mind". Same thing over here. I just felt myself slipping 10 minutes ago, had to stop, came onto the GYE forum, started writing (which is tiring and time consuming) and B'H , I feel better already. When the urge hits, just don't sit idle and move on!