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KeyLogger Software

GYE Corp. Monday, 23 January 2012

A quote from the Mishpacha Article (on Dr. Phillip Rosenthal):

Install a keylogger (like eBlaster). This invisible program lurks unseen on your computer, sending reports of every keystroke, including passwords, to an e-mail of your choice for your review. "Your kids can't defeat it - they don't know it's there," says Rosenthal.


We asked Dr. Phillip Rosenthal:

"Can eBlaster be used by someone if he wants to protect himself, or is it only for parents to use to monitor their kids?"


Dr. Rosenthal replied:

Yes, eBlaster is great for self-protection too, because it sends the reports to any two (at least) email addresses that you want. Also, if you have someone else input the password on the install, then there is ABSOLUTELY no way to disable it.


Then Phillip shared with us a tip - special for GYE readers! :-)

BTW, eBlaster costs $100 but tell your people that they call them at 888-598-2788 and give the code 1926, and they will receive a $20 discount.


Important Notes:

1) A Keylogger program should be installed on TOP of a good filter like K9. See this page for more info on K9, and on how to install it safely and reliably.

2) Contact our filter Gabai at to have him hold the password for you, both for eBlaster AND for K9. If you ever need changes or adjustments on your filter/Keylogger, he can do it remotely for you using special remote-accessing software. Yes it is finally possible to feel really FREE!