Friday, 01 May 2015

Many Zechuyos

by A.K. (See all authors)

I want to tell you this story. I worked as a rabbi in a community so many people come to me for sholom bayis or advice. There’s this couple I am dealing with for many months. He behaves very badly with his wife. No-respect, calls her names, locks her in the house, yells, forces relations, etc. I tried many times to encourage him to work on his middos to no avail. He is always right, everybody else always wrong. He says his wife is a witch; his father in law is crazy and never educated his daughter, etc.

Last week he met with me for the ‘who knows which’ time. At the end of 90 minutes I was getting tired, it was late at night. I asked him, “Listen, how is your bris?... in front of all my sefarim, chumashim and gemoros, G-d Almighty is here… now be totally honest".

I could not believe it. He looked down to the floor. The big lion became a small mouse and he admitted that since adolescence he had not stopped, he wanted to but claims he can’t. He is in his thirties.

So I played for him the GYE video with “Hopeful” explaining the GYE site and what porn does to a person. He told me he would join the site and call in to the phone conferences. And for the first time, he went home and announced that he has a tremendous work TO DO HIMSELF (not his wife or in-laws).

The story continues. The following night somebody took me to an expert in graphology (an ultra-orthodox Charedi). He somehow saw from my handwriting many things (that I have a backache, that I was betrayed by friends, that I don’t drink enough, that my son is like this and my daughter is like that, that I have this midda and lack in another one, etc.). IT WAS ALL TRUE, VERY AMAZING.

Then he said, "You give good advice". I said “ok, that’s nice, thank you”. Then he said, "You have many zechuyos". I said, "what?", so he said it again. And he asked me, “wasn’t everything I told you tonight true?” I said, yes. “And I don’t know you, I just saw your handwriting, right?” I said “yes, it’s true. “So I also see this in your handwriting, that you have many, many zechuyos”.

Dear GYE, listen to me, I am speaking the truth. Now what did he mean by that? I have two possible answers: One: I did help many people in their marriages and other things, even when I myself was not sober, Hashem Yerachem. TWO: I am almost NINE MONTHS SOBER since Coming to GYE. So imagine all my aveiros converting into mitzvos because I am doing teshuva for the love and sake of G-d. Many Zechuyos Indeed. Perhaps this is what he meant.

My point of all of this is, just imagine your zechuyos! GYE has helped so many people dealing with the worst of the aveiros, and all these people becoming sober. YOU guys have many, many, many, Zechuyos, exponentially.

Keep up the tremendous work, continue ahead, I give you a standing ovation and I thank you for helping me.