I had a VERY SIMILAR experience 2 nights ago to when Rav Amram climbed the ladder and shouted "fire, fire!" before he sinned.

B"H(!) By reaching out to friends only minutes before it happened, can I rejoice about it today!

I was 30 min away from the sin. There was no $$$ involved. It was mutual. The real thing. No web image. I 'had to 1st daven ma'ariv and count sefira'. I felt a bit of teshuva. Then I sent a text to 7 friends asking if they were "awake still". 4 replied. We schmoozed over the phone and texted. I told the girl "my wife found out" (a lie).

Now I deleted her contact info. B"H I'm still 'here' to talk about it. I felt like $10,000,000 the next day. Wow... TO BE A YID!