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Like Hashem's Hospital

GYE Corp. Tuesday, 24 January 2012

I was addicted for twelve years, always looking out and wondering who can help me. On Sunday, December 31, 2009 while waiting for my wife to come out of a store, I was reading the news on VIN when I came across an article called The Roving Eye. As I was reading the comments, someone suggested to go to the guardyoureyes website to get help. Right there and then, I went to your web site. When I started to see all this great information I became glued for hours. I must say since then I did not fall B'H. I now feel greater then ever. You are far more then a organization, to me you are like a Hashem's hospital. Thank you!

What worked for me to shred this evil addiction?

1) The Attitude Handbook is Great.

2) Knowing that I always have a place to go that specializes in this matter.

3) Seeing other people's struggles, which made it clear to me that it's a distraction from real life for anyone.

4) Of course, the GYE handbook and all your other great tools.

5) And seeing how you really mean Hashem and your love to this great online hospital, makes it all a great place that helped me.

6) The analysis that you give, that this addiction is often a runaway from problems of our youth.

7) Controlling it before it gets to a no-return situation.

8) Having restrictions, i.e. not being in the office alone or not reading certain news sites, etc.