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With heartfelt hakoras hatov

GYE Corp. Wednesday, 25 January 2012

I've been off-line for the last few months to help me heal, and I'm telling you that it did me a world of good. I even gave my cell phones (which had internet access) to someone to keep for me, and now I plan to take them back from him and sell them off... Now that I'm online just for a day or two, I have major nisyonos to peek at the p**n sites again, but Hashem will help me overcome, and writing this letter will help too!

I was on GYE for nearly half a year, and in retrospect, what did I gain from it? From GYE, the two paths of life became clear, as the pasuk says: re'ei nosati lochem ess hachayim v'ess hamoves - see that I have placed before you life and death". Before GYE, I was slowly making my path of life a path of death without realizing it, but now b"h with GYE, the two paths of life have become clear.

I have been in phone contact with two wonderful people from the forum who have helped - and are still helping me through. But I'm still on my own, taking baby steps in this dark and dangerous world and trying to build myself, slowly.

Keep on going mighty general, and with Hashem's help you'll conquer all the hearts of lost Jews.

With heartfelt hakoras hatov!