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I hope that this is the type of clean that lasts

GYE Corp. Monday, 23 January 2012

This site is absolutely amazing. Thank you so much whoever you are for starting the site. There are tons of great organizations out there all doing good things, but you are simply changing lives. Without you (and all the people giving encouragement on the forum), so many of us would still be deep, deep down, maybe rising up a little once in a while, but overall stuck very firmly where we wish we weren't.

Anyway B"H, I'm 63 days clean, from p**n or masturbation. I didn't post a thread on the forum right away because I was scared it would last a week - maybe two - if I was lucky, just like many, many other times I decided once and for all THAT'S IT, and there I was a couple days later right back again. But what can I say, B"H I'm already clean probably at least double as long as I ever was before. And the truth is, even those times that I was clean for a month, I wasn't as clean as I am now, because then it was fueled my learning and lack of Internet, and it was only a matter of time until a clean like that ends.

But now I really am clean; I could but I don't, and sometimes I really want to but I still don't. I hope that this is the type of clean that lasts.

BTW, just reading everyone else's posts is very helpful to me, the stories and situations that are so similar to my own makes me feel that I am part of a group working together.