Tuesday, 05 July 2016

90 Day Insights

A few insights and thoughts into my 90 days:

by GYE Member (See all authors)

1. It´s my second time reaching 90. I fell pretty hard about a month after reaching my first 90 days. I learned that I can't let my guard down. I must watch for the ¨I´ll never fall again¨ thoughts.

2. Although it´s a huge milestone, it´s really only a number. Nothing magical happens once you hit the number 90. I´m definitely not ¨cured¨. Still have to take things one day at a time.

3. Speaking to my rebbi was the best thing that's happened after finding GYE. I must build upon it and make it the strong tool that I need.

4. I can´t be a perfectionist about it. I can't let the only thing keeping me going be the fear of losing the number. That's when I lose sight of the real goal.

5. I must keep up with the tools on GYE on a regular basis. They have been my lifeline from the start.

6. I must be fully cognizant of the fact that I am not alone in this battle. Almost everyone deals with or has dealt with it in some form.

Tools Used:

1. Forums. Best way to connect with others going through same or similar situations. Good for talking about anything on my mind.

2. TaPHSiC Method. A way to just stop. It gave myself no other choice then stopping. I used it late into the game but it got me back on track.

3. 90 day chart. Good for keeping a written record of where I was holding. It gave me some motivation when I was feeling weak.

4. Partner program. Basically acted as a personal helpline. I also started this late, but it helps tremendously.

I hope this helps with what you are doing.