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GYE is the gateway to true sobriety.

obormottel Tuesday, 30 August 2016

I was struggling since age 15. Never made it past 20 days on a good cycle. I found GYE by doing a search in Google.

Originally, I thought that if I joined the 90 day challenge, things would be fine. It wasn't. I was too scared to join a meeting. I searched on your site to see if there were recorded meetings that I could listen to instead of live meetings. What I found was Joe and Charlie's 12-Step recordings. I listened to them and realised that this is what I should be doing. So I wrote to SA, and I got an email for the local guys. I joined a meeting and got a local sponsor, and, thank G-d, I have been sober ever since (well over a year).

I am currently sponsoring 2 guys locally, as well. I continue using the website to keep track of my sobriety.

Thanks, GYE!