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Can GYE members contact each other outside of GYE?

obormottel Wednesday, 06 April 2016


A GYE user sent me a message asking if I don't mind sharing my WhatsApp number so we could help each other.

So far, we have exchanged personal messages on the website and it was ok, but I wonder, are members of GYE allowed to talk via WhatsApp? I mean, there will be a picture of me there... Isn't anonymity a key thing?


If you have been in touch with this user and feel he is "safe" and sincere in his desire to be clean himself and help you as well, then it would be great to be in touch with him by Whatsapp as well. After all, the more we are willing to get out of hiding and be honest about our problem with other SAFE people, the better it is over all for our recovery.

Additionally, you may consider getting an anonymous Google number (or using your real number if you're comfortable) and signing up for our phone partner program to get real-life connections with other safe GYE users.