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Partner Program Overview

Join the Partner program and find a partner to be in touch with for chizuk. 

Once you have joined the Partner program, our system will offer you the best matches, based on your gender, marriage status, location and other information.

In Mishlei it says: "Le'taava yevakesh nifrad - Desire/lust seeks isolation". Isolation causes us to go after our our lust. A partner in this struggle can do wonders in helping us. Sharing with someone else about what we are feeling, is one of the best ways to let go of the lust when it strikes. And describing what we've done is one of the best ways to get out the shame, guilt and remorse, and move on. 

Men's Partner/Sponsor Program


  Nickname Marriage status Age Location Background Contact preferences  
1Newjohn2014Married with children60North AmericaUnaffiliated
2LearninguySingle23North America
3MenachemSingle25North AmericaModern Orthodox
4HelpmeguardMarried35North AmericaChassidish
5Mo123Single22North America
7Allisgood9870Single22North AmericaYeshivish
8FreshStartGraspLifeMarried29North AmericaYeshivish
9ariel613Married25North AmericaChassidish
10BenHaMelechSingle24North AmericaModern Orthodox


  Nickname Marriage status Age Location Background Contact preferences  
1Allisgood9870Single22North AmericaYeshivish
2Yitzchok cohenSingle23North AmericaYeshivish
3Shmu21Single21North AmericaYeshivish
4gratefulsaMarried61North AmericaNon-Jewish
5YehudapittSingle13North AmericaYeshivish
6Yaakov S.Married53North America
8yamimachadimMarried24United KingdomYeshivish
9torah protectsMarried24North AmericaYeshivish


  Nickname Marriage status Age Location Background Contact preferences  
1LearninguySingle23North America
2Determined1Single17North AmericaYeshivish
3ChaimlipshitzSingle22North America
4HelpmeguardMarried35North AmericaChassidish
5ChiburSingle36North America
7FreshStartGraspLifeMarried29North AmericaYeshivish
8ariel613Married25North AmericaChassidish