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Partner Program Overview

Definition of Terms: A Partner is someone you keep in touch with for chizuk and accountability. A Sponsor is someone who is clean for at least 90 days and wants to help strengthen others, either as a Mitzva or as part of his own recovery (Step 12).  A Sponsee is someone that is looking for a sponsor. 

Once you have joined the program, you will be in our database and the system will offer you the best matches, based on what you're looking for, your gender, marriage status, location and other constraints.

The Pasuk in Mishlei (18:1) says: "Le'taava yevakesh nifrad - Desire seeks isolation". Isolation causes us to go after our Taavah - our lust. The addiction wants us to withdraw into ourselves and disconnect from life. A partner in this struggle can do wonders in helping us reconnect to the world around us and ultimately break free. Going into detail with someone else about what we are feeling, is one of the best ways to let go of the lust when it strikes. And describing what we've done is one of the best ways to get out the shame, guilt and remorse, and move on. A partner or sponsor also introduces the vital element of "accountability" into the equation. As Rav Yochanan Ben Zakai blessed his students, "May your fear of heaven be equal to your fear of man". And his students asked him: "Rebbe, is that all?". And he answered: "Halevai!". (See Tool #11 of the GYE Program to learn more about the value and power of having a partner).

Men's Partner/Sponsor Program


  Nickname Marriage status Age Location Background Contact preferences  
2mmmMarried25North AmericaChassidish
3WorkInProgress26Single26North AmericaYeshivish
4guardedyid@gmail.comMarried47North AmericaChassidish
5jefSingle18North America
6tzomahMarried with children29IsraelYeshivish
7LoveU,HashemMarried21North AmericaChassidish
8Grateful Married23IsraelModern Orthodox
9MachineSingle17North AmericaYeshivish


  Nickname Marriage status Age Location Background Contact preferences  
1GrowStrongMarried with children41North AmericaModern Orthodox
2RobFloydMarried with children55IsraelModern Orthodox
3dms1234Single25North AmericaYeshivish
4my footSingle19IsraelChassidish
5Moshiach5777Single22North AmericaChassidish
6TFLMSMarried with children34North AmericaChassidish
7shulgoer76Married49North AmericaYeshivish
8SobrietyyizlyfSingle23North AmericaChassidish
10Yparry913Married26North AmericaYeshivish


  Nickname Marriage status Age Location Background Contact preferences  
1helpchizukSingle45North AmericaYeshivish
2breakfreemkMarried27North AmericaModern Orthodox
4SmyMarried with children32EuropeYeshivish
5WorkInProgress26Single26North AmericaYeshivish
6LoveU,HashemMarried21North AmericaChassidish
7protector9617Married26North AmericaYeshivish
8VoctaveSingle19IsraelModern Orthodox
9Grateful Married23IsraelModern Orthodox
10MachineSingle17North AmericaYeshivish