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What's in it For Me?

GYE Corp. Thursday, 15 December 2011

By "Jack", clean for two years on GYE

In America, it is often asked: 'what's in it for me?' Well, being "clean" is not the same as fulfilling every desire of ours - it's a much more subtle feeling. It takes time to appreciate the feeling that comes with being holy (separate). It is NOT immediate gratification, and it is NOT physical in nature. Physical gratification can be seen and felt immediately - spiritual gratification is not immediately discernible or felt. Rabbi Twerski says that America is a land that is very conducive to creating the addictive personality. Every physical gratification is so readily available, everywhere. We ask, "what does spiritual cleanliness do for me? Where is the benefit in keeping clean?" We have to realize that the benefit will not be the same as succumbing to lust. The only way we will know what the benefit is, is by being clean, WE have to trust the Torah. No one can explain to us what the benefits are - we have to experience it. Only then will we know - and it takes a long time. Can someone describe to you how grape juice tastes? You have to taste it yourself. We have to have patience, and trust, and of course, good friends.