Wednesday, 08 July 2015

The Jack

by Yiddle (See all authors)

The Jack

The jack is a simple machine. It allows you to lift or move something that otherwise would be too heavy. However, this ability doesn't come from nowhere. You have to move the lever much farther, so you are exerting a smaller force but over a larger distance. When someone is depressed, tired, lonely, feels like his life is futile and then gets the urge to fall, that can be a heavyweight nisayon. It would be the equivalent of trying to lift a car with your bare hands. There's a better way. Use a jack. But it'll take time, so you need to start well in advance.

Check if you have filters for all your devices. Make sure they're up to date. Write up a list of things to do when feeling down. Put it in your wallet. The list is long, but that's the point. You see, you are still doing the work, only you have traded a short high intensity nisayon into a long term more manageable nisayon. The bottom line is that the actions we take to guard ourselves from falling is really the exact same nisayon as the overpowering urges, only we are using the tools Hashem gives us, to turn them into a form that is more manageable. And that is precisely our job. Because if you saw a man trying to lift a car with his hands instead of using the jack, you would consider him a fool, and rightly so. The RSh"O gave us strengths, intelligence and tools. Therefore we are responsible to use all of them to overcome the nisyonos he sends us.