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TaPHSiC Shiur

A First on GuardYourEyes! A Shiur by Yaakov, founder of GYE (known as "The Guard")

the.guard Wednesday, 15 July 2015

In honor of Parshos Matos which discusses vows, we are proud to present this GAME CHANGING shiur (40 minutes long). Click on the image below to listen.


The shiur goes into all the details of the TaPHSiC method, dispells any doubts about its validity and effectiveness, and expounds on the psychology behind the success of this powerful tool.

Break free of this addiction once and for all!

Destructive nuclear power is unleashed in atomic weapons when their is no "containment" of the nuclear reactions. But nuclear energy can also be harnessed for good. In nuclear reactors, fuel rods are inserted into the reactor's core to absorb and "hold back" the nuclear chain-reaction from continuing. By doing this, they are able to harness the tremendous energy and light up entire cities with electricity!

So what can we do to combat our enemies, which in light of the deal with Iran this week, is more relavant today than ever?

Sexuality is like nuclear power. When left unchecked it can be terribly destructive, but when harnessed correctly it brings joy and life to the world.

The Yetzer Hara wants us to use this potent power in destructive ways. But the TaPHSiC method is like "fuel rods" that help us contain the power of sexuality and harness the tremendous energy for the good.

Through the power of Shmiras Habris, by withholding this potent energy and harnessing it for constructive purposes only, we become vessels for divine bounty (Yesod means "channel"), and we will succeed in containing the designs of our enemies who wish to use nuclear power to destroy us.

In honor of Parshas Matos we encourage everyone to take up the fight and do their part in protecting Klal Yisrael from the great threats that we face, both spiritually and physically. Please take the time to listen to this GAME CHANGING shiur, from beginning to end.

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To read more about the TaPHSiC method online and find a ready-to-use nussach, click here.