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Ode to Dov

After a year of sobriety on Dov's "Desperadoes" calls, a GYE member sent an email to R’ Dov with this gratitude poem:


obormottel Sunday, 26 March 2017
Ode to Dov

על כבוד ידידי היקר, ידיד כל חי, אהוב וחביב לכל מכיריו וידידיו משים לילות כימים לעזור לזולתו ר׳ דוב שליט״א אחדשה״ט, הננו בזה בקוצר אמרים על כבודך אני מדבר, ישקני מנשיקות פיהו כי טובים דוב מיין, וקול דוב הנה זה בא, וענה דוב ואמר לי קומי לך, לכן דוב לי ואני לו, וענתה לך את השירה זאת :

Just one year ago I embarked on a life altering journey,
Which I hoped and prayed would lead me to sobriety.

In you, I found a caring heart, and a mind that really understood me,
So thereafter my steps journey no longer seemed so long and lonely.

In the darkness of my addiction, you shone like a beacon of light,
Helping me accept the things I can't change, to get it all done right.

Your 12 steps recordings filled with humility geared me to an honest direction,
When I couldn't get enough, I looked forward to your Q&A calls with anticipation.

When I was confused and had concerns, in you I found a listening ear,
Your dedication, wisdom, and wit helped put an end to my fear.

Your vast knowledge and own experience is something I truly admire,
Getting out of oblivion and living one day at a time I now aspire.

You taught me the road of recovery is not about perfection,
Rather taking baby steps and making a connection in the right direction.

You have been blessed with syatte dshmaye to help fellow Yidden - brethren in despair,
To all those part of Dov’s desperados your humble or valuable, inspirational or insightful guidance you do share.

You're always encouraging everyone by saying that nothing is beyond repair,
The only thing Hashem wants from us, be more sincere!

As long as I will work the 12 steps and surrender to Hashem I won't be shameful,
Getting to know my closeness with Him is for what I am so grateful.

May Hashem grant you many more happy and successful years,
And may He give you koach to continue guiding people which I know to you is very dear.

Your dear chaver