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Hakaras HaTov

obormottel Sunday, 04 June 2017

Dear GYE,

It's been over a month since I sent GYE my first question,

It was at a time when I was in a state of confusion and tension

Struggling with lust fantasies and masturbation,

I wondered the Torah approach in this equation

I grew up in a frum home full of love,

I was sure I was the only one who struggled with the above

This was my excuse each time I fell,

Any other person I surely didn't tell

But of course the guilt was always there,

And promises of no repeating I did prepare

Yet somehow I always got triggered again,

I started wondering if I was even sane

Behashgocha pratis GYE I did find,

Finally I was shown a way to leave this struggle behind

A reply to my question with a link,

Gave me information and a lot to think

My struggle was discussed, not something unique,

We share so much in common in the area we are weak

I've since joined the 90 day challenge, b"H still clean,

The chizuk emails start my day centered and serene

Connecting to others and sharing on forums provide incredible support and encouragement,

I've gained so many friends and they cheer for each improvement

I am indebted to GYE and Hakadosh Baruch Hu,

For showing me the way and bringing me through

My journey is nowhere near complete,

But now I've learnt the tools for with which the yetzer hara to compete

May Hashem repay you for all the help and support you provide us,

With continued mazal, brocha and success

More than that, that GYE should no longer be necessary,

With these struggles becoming history.

Behakaras hatov.