Kosher Web Sites (42)

Obviously there are millions of Kosher web-sites out there, but we are trying to post only the ones that could truly help someone trying to break free of addiction by giving them good news, good stimulation, good entertainment and also good personal growth!

Torah (16)

Only the life giving waters of the Torah can really put out the fire.

Kosher Activities (4)

Spend time in a Healthy and Kosher way and make the most of life!

Books (3)

Lose yourself in true Jewish stories and fun novels, or read books to learn, grow and become a better person!

Music (10)

Chase away the Tumah & arouse feelings of Kedushah with these inspiring tunes!

Links relating to the struggle (31)

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Frumtube was previously the largest frum user upload site for video clips
Rabbi Feuerman, LCSW-R gives his weekly shiur, Parshas Vayechi, Dec 13, 2013
Rabbi Feuerman, LCSW-R gives his weekly shiur, Parshas Vayigash, Dec 6, 2013
A life of an addict's wife "Am I Done"? (Dec 8, 2013)
Can Hashem really solve my problems?
Endless hours of Kosher video clips and entertainment
The BEST Teshuva Drasha you've ever heard!
Erev Yomim Nora'im Preparation: How can I expect G-d to love or forgive me when I'm still acting out?
Listen to music from the latest Jewish albums, 24 hours a day!
Streaming the Best Jewish Music Online!
If you focus on these projects and succeed in them, you'll have less of a need to seek self-satisfaction in fantasy worlds and you won't be bored and pulled to non-healthy stimulation.
Rabbi Dr. Avraham Twerski discusses the importance of Step 4 and 5, from a psychological and Jewish perspective.
Scott, is Duvid Chaim's sponsor, is gifted in his ability to simplify the Program and help us all keep focused on the bullseye.
Rabbi Feigenbaum - Before Shavous 5773 - The Power of Na'aseh V'Nishma
Rabbi David Aaron - Before Shavuous 5773 - Torah: The Master Key to Renewal and Transformation