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Duvid Chaim's Guest Speakers

The Danger of Misguided Piety

Rabbi Feuerman speaks about the challenge in finding the balance between when to enjoy pleasurable impulses and needs and when to deny them (Feb 8, 2017).

The Victory of Yosef Hatzadik

Rabbi Feur gives wonderful chizuk to the chevra from the story of Yosef in the Parsha

Rabbi Twerski Speaks to Spouses

Rabbi Dr. Abraham Twerski joins Miriam's phone conference for spouses

Should I tell my wife?

Everything you wanted to know about your Spouse, but were AFRAID to ask!



Teshuvah Drasha 5776

Another great Teshuva Drasha from Rabbi Feigenbaum - His 5th Year on GYE!

Unwanted Same Sex Attraction - Real or Imagined?

Jonathan, Certified Life Coach, gives a talk to GYE members about SSA

Teshuvah Drasha 5775

Another great Teshuva Drasha from Rabbi Feigenbaum - His 4th Year on GYE!

Rabbi Lazer Brody - LOVE NOT LUST

Rabbi Lazer Brody rallies the troops on the GYE phone conference, and expounds on the difference between love and lust. March 7, 2014

What does Powerless Really Mean? Rabbi Twerski Expounds.

Rabbi Dr. Avraham Twerski discusses the difference between sexual addiction and other addictions, and the true meaning of powerlessness. Feb 20, 2014.

The SuperBowl of the Spirit - The Animal Soul vs the Divine Soul

Rabbi Jacobson, one of the most sought after speakers in the Jewish world today, addresses why the harder we try to stop Acting Out - the stronger the Yetzer Hara becomes!

Rabbi Shais Taub Speaks to Spouses of Addicts

A life of an addict's wife "Am I Done"? (Dec 8, 2013)

Chanukah 2013

Can Hashem really solve my problems?

Teshuvah Drasha 5774

The BEST Teshuva Drasha you've ever heard!

How Can Hashem Love Me?

Erev Yomim Nora'im Preparation: How can I expect G-d to love or forgive me when I'm still acting out?

Can we S-addicts really do a MORAL Inventory?

Rabbi Dr. Avraham Twerski discusses the importance of Step 4 and 5, from a psychological and Jewish perspective.