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Obviously there are millions of Kosher web-sites out there, but we are trying to post only the ones that could truly help someone trying to break free of addiction by giving them good news, good stimulation, good entertainment and also good personal growth!

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Only the life giving waters of the Torah can really put out the fire.

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Spend time in a Healthy and Kosher way and make the most of life!

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Lose yourself in true Jewish stories and fun novels, or read books to learn, grow and become a better person!

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Chase away the Tumah & arouse feelings of Kedushah with these inspiring tunes!

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I HIGHLY recommend this shiur I just listened to. It gave me a lot of chizuk and perspective. Perhaps you can share it with the oilam.
Here's something powerful to think about and reflect on, in respect to our struggles
click the title to download this insightful 5-minute clip is from a Shiur by Rav Avigdor Miller, ZT"L (#643: In the Wilderness of Sinai). In response to a question, Rav Miller explains that, when we do Teshuva, we should feel repulsed by our past Aveiros.
Click the title to download this insightful 2-minute clip from a Shiur by Rav Avigdor Miller, ZT"L (#308: Preface to Pesach #8). Rav Miller's point, that every day is a new opportunity to succeed, regardless of how we may have messed up yesterday.
In the Shiur, Rabbi Katzenstein discusses how to deal with fantasies, Shmiras Ainayim and the Nisyonos of our generation.
Download this inspiring booklet on Shmiras Ainayim by one of GYE's finest Talmidim ("Kosher" on the forum).
The only failure is not trying. From
Lechavod Purim-Katan, here's a funny look at the 12-Steps to Insanity
Perfect for when we feel lost, weak - and want to give up/in.
Torah Principles for Successful techniques for Spiritual Growth
Pleasure seeking is really self-defeating, as Victor explains in this interview given for Canadian television in 1972, where he describes his views on the connection between meaning in life and happiness. (Toronto 1972)
An excellent shiur about the dangers of the Internet from Rav Hershel Shechter in 2007, with some practical suggestions. (If you ever encounter scorn from modern Orthodox quarters about internet restrictions/filters, let them listen to this shiur).
Why having an affair is such a serious transgression
I just listened to this shiur that gave me a lot of chizuk. It's about the opposing desires of a person to do what's right, his animalistic instincts and how they battle each other. I've always been frustrated, telling myself - "this is MY hand, so why ca