Kosher Web Sites (42)

Obviously there are millions of Kosher web-sites out there, but we are trying to post only the ones that could truly help someone trying to break free of addiction by giving them good news, good stimulation, good entertainment and also good personal growth!

Torah (16)

Only the life giving waters of the Torah can really put out the fire.

Kosher Activities (4)

Spend time in a Healthy and Kosher way and make the most of life!

Books (3)

Lose yourself in true Jewish stories and fun novels, or read books to learn, grow and become a better person!

Music (10)

Chase away the Tumah & arouse feelings of Kedushah with these inspiring tunes!

Links relating to the struggle (31)

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Spoke to the group on Sept 5, 2012
Abstinence is crucial, but not enough
a shiur about the dangers of the internet and not to give up if you fall.
Shiurim on varios tópica (musical, philosophical, etc)
One of the largest Jewish websites on the internet.
This website illustrates how looking at inappropriate material, especially on the internet, detrimentally effects the brain on a physiological level. TRULY eye opening.
daf yomi
awesome shiurim /music/ dunno thereare woman also giving siurim might be a problem??
A deep explanation of how the K9 filter works and how to gain the maximum from it!
A Forum for frum people to ask questions
How It Works (Not Why)By Shais Taub
Getting UnstuckThe Jewish people’s redemption from Egypt as a model for getting “unstuck” from seemingly impossible situations in one’s own life.
Hitting Bottom, Finding G‑dA Jewish Perspective on Addiction and RecoveryA general introduction to the spiritual nature of the problem of addiction and its treatment.
Internet & Computer SafetyAn Expert's ViewBy Philip Rosenthal
Jewish news site for the Baltimore Jewish Community