Kosher Web Sites (42)

Obviously there are millions of Kosher web-sites out there, but we are trying to post only the ones that could truly help someone trying to break free of addiction by giving them good news, good stimulation, good entertainment and also good personal growth!

Torah (16)

Only the life giving waters of the Torah can really put out the fire.

Kosher Activities (4)

Spend time in a Healthy and Kosher way and make the most of life!

Books (3)

Lose yourself in true Jewish stories and fun novels, or read books to learn, grow and become a better person!

Music (10)

Chase away the Tumah & arouse feelings of Kedushah with these inspiring tunes!

Links relating to the struggle (31)

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Rabbi Feigenbaum - Before Shavous 5773 - The Power of Na'aseh V'Nishma
Rabbi David Aaron - Before Shavuous 5773 - Torah: The Master Key to Renewal and Transformation
Origami is the Japanese art of folding paper. You may remember some simple forms used by children. Today skilled artists have gone far beyond paper cranes and boxes. Origami folds have served as models for sending mirrors into outer space.
A "highly managed and controlled" forum in yiddish, with everything - starting with news and weather and tech guides and help, till Torah and Judaism!
A POWERFUL insight into THE OBSESSION OF THE MIND - By Rabbi Shais Taub
It's Pesach again - Rabbi David Aaron helps us understand how G-d can love a slave like me.
Call by Miriam, a spouse of an addict: Hear it from a Woman who Knows.
A Nach website with links to shiurim, Divrei Torah and Perek summaries.
This is a Jewish Radio sttation which is a pretty much constant stream of Jewish music.
Preparation for Pesach. What is the meaning of real FREEDOM?
Q&A, parsha, halacha, hashkafa, etc.
Thousands of shiurim from hundreds ofgreat speakers to download or listen online
Rabbi David Aaron, a gifted speaker and best selling author, helps us gain valuable Torah insight into God's ways and the real value of our Struggles.
It's based in Lakewood, NJ so occasionally you'll have to listed to an ad for a local Lakewood business, but generally its parve background music
A Meaningful 4th Step Fearless and Moral Inventory, Jan 2, 2013