Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Tool 15: 12 Step Phone Conferences

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Guard Your Eyes provides many different anonymous 12 Step phone groups to help Jews connect with other addicts and work together to break free from the grasp of this insidious addiction. Besides for the immense power of group support that these phone conferences provide, we also learn the tools of how to find freedom from this addiction this life-saving program with an experienced sponsor. Rabbi Avraham Twerski indeed suggests to people that they try the GYE phone groups before deciding to join a live 12 Step group (which is the next tool of this handbook). See our website for more information on the many different phone conferences that GYE offers throughout the week.

The Guard Your Eyes network also hosts an online presence for Jews who want to work the 12-Steps. It is a self-contained area within GYE that follows 12 Step guidelines. It includes forums for 12 Step discussion and Step work, and provides details of various phone groups and chat groups for Jews who would like to work the 12 steps with experienced sponsors, anonymously and in a religious context.

GYE also offers phone conferences for the wives of addicts, to help them learn to deal with what they have to go through. There is a special forum for spouses of addicts as well, where they can give and receive support and chizuk to each other. This network of support has saved many marriages.