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SSA Conference Call at a BRAND NEW TIME!

obormottel Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Hey Everyone!

I am happy to announce that this coming

Sunday June 18, from 10:45-11:30 am EST*

a new cycle for the SSA (same-sex attractions) conference call will begin!

If you struggle with SSA please join us, especially if you have never attended these calls before. If you already have and want to go through the cycle again, you are no doubt welcome to join too!

Keep in mind, this is a new time on Sunday (not Tuesday like in the past) for these conference calls.

These calls aim to provide a balanced, clear, and understandable perspective regarding what men can do to move beyond their struggle of unwanted same-sex attractions. Some of the discussions include: why we may develop sexual attractions altogether, how to reduce lust towards men and reach a better sense of peace and wholeness within ourselves, what kind of process can we take to ultimately develop attractions for the opposite sex, and how we can all go on this journey with respect, authenticity, and integrity within Torah and religious values.

You can find all of the call details at this link:

May we all have much hatzlacha and bracha moving forward and I look forward to having you on our new cycle this coming Sunday!

-Jonathan Hoffman, MSW - Leader of GYE SSA Conference Calls

(If you have any questions about this call, please don't hesitate to contact me at