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Religious People write their Opinions and Struggles with SSA

People write comments on an Arutz Sheva "Talk-Back"

the.guard Tuesday, 17 January 2012

It is unimportant whether people are attracted to men, women, children, animals or blow-up dolls. Nor does it matter if these perversions are innate or not. What matters is how they ACT. The Torah calls the ACT of homosexuality an abomination. Those who claim to be "gay" are welcome to their twisted attractions. However, once they ACT on those attractions, there is a crime and there is a punishment, no different from rapists or child molesters. A Jewish State should investigate and punish the ACT of homosexuality, lest we all suffer divine retribution fro the actions of a few deviants.

It is 100% true that the gay movement is a complete fraud. Every person has the ability to change. It is not easy for some but that does not mean it is impossible. We are all born with certain inclinations and character issues that we have to work on over our lives. Changing ones attraction is certainly possible Unfortunatly the media has glamourized this lifestyle and many people who could avoid this temptation see no reason to try anymore. That is a real crime. The whole thing is a fraud. We must do everything in our power to stop it.

I believe that just as no one is born a murderer or a theif, but they become one from their own decision to act out, so with homosexuality. The Torah would not forbid doing something which a person is powerless to refrain from doing. G-d created humans and He gave us urges which are evil so that we can come to understand and choose what is good. The power of suggestion and wide media coverage of every abberant behavior has made the forbidden seem permissible.

I too was once challenged in my sexuality, not yet having the chance to mature into the man I am today. When I was younger, several homosexual men made a serious play for me. I was still maturing, still growing in my 'who-I-am' thing, and was tempted by their strong advances. I knew I wasn't homosexual, but their constant advances made me think twice. They preyed upon me at a very impressionable age. I was attractive to both them, and women, though because I was also shy at that time, I did not have any luck with women. But I recognized this as a spiritual attack. This should not be missed.

If you believe that HaShem looked into the Torah and created the world -using the Torah as a blueprint, then you cannot say that it is normal to be gay. The Torah strictly forbids it. From a religious perspective Homosexuality should be dealt with as one deals with adultery, pedophelia, and incest. Those who suffer from these desires surely suffer greatly and need concerned individuals and organizations to help them.

Shmuel Nagid, La, CA (02/11/06)


Someone wrote: "We do know now that of those who do self-identify as gay/lesbian, their brain organizations appear to differ somewhat from the gender norm."

Answer: Indeed, behavior does cause a calcification of the neurological pathways. Behavior leads to an alteration or corruption of neurology.

This person also wrote: "We do know now that of those who do self-identify as gay/lesbian, their brain organizations appear to differ somewhat from the gender norm." My RSP: Indeed, sodomy does alter, corrupt or calcify the neurological pathways. Otherwise, the hypothalamus is altered through ones conduct and not the reverse. The homoerotic dysfunction is both a question of gender development, and the damages of early childhood molestation by pederasts who shape or corrupt the neurology of their victims. No human being was ever born to be buggered or bugger their fellow man. The APA has been corrupted.

Life is about dominating the heart and overcoming passions that contradict G-d's Will. Whether normal or is irrelevent. This is a direct rebellion against G-d. As the people who represent Him on earth, we have a right, no an OBLIGATION to fight this. Call us bigots, call us whatever you want, but these names will not change 3,500 years of clinging to G-d. Tolerance is not what G-d desires. You don't tolerate rapists, child molestors, sexual harrassment, nor do you have to tolerate gays. Don't follow the crowd, follow Torah.

Meir, Baltimore (02/11/06)


An enlightening example of how, in many cases, people who thought they were homosexual were simply pressured and solicited for a cult. but, let's suppose that a person might have an "inborn tendency". if the person had an inborn tendency for schizophrenia, kleptomania, bestiality, or pederasty, would we just let them carry out their impulses, or would we try to cure their mental disorder? homosexuality is also a mental disorder, why should we treat it differently? simply because its advocates are more vocal, and more insulting towards anyone who tells it like it is?

Leah, Maaleh Adumim (02/11/06)


The homoerotic attraction although initally a failure in psycho-sexual gender patterning, through time, becomes a compulsive addictive disorder. When one considers design, or patterns in creation, regardless of the tendency of non-human species to mount members of their same gender, actual sodomy is a corruption of the natural order. It is also abnormal, in that the homosexualities fly in the face of complimentary unions of male/positive, female/negative polarities. A similar polarity does not complete nor affirm the other. Light does not affirm the darkness, rather darkness affirms the light.

Eliezer, (03/11/06)


I am a man, but do not find all women attractive!
I have no idea what its like to think like a woman any more than I know what another mans mind is like.
But as a man I sought a woman to mate with.
I have three chldren.
If a homsexual man can 'mate' with another man then he can certainly mate with a woman!
I, for one, do not want to see 'gays' parading their abomination of a life style.

Feivish, London (03/11/06)


The truly sad thing about the homosexual "life-style" is all of the troubles it brings- alcoholism, drug abuse (crystal methamphetamine is now really popular in the community), massive therapy, suicide, etc. G-d help all these sad, sad people !!

Heytoon (20/2/08)