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New Cycle of Duvid Chaim's 12-Step Phone Conference

GYE Admin Tuesday, 01 November 2016

Announcing a new cycle of Duvid Chaim's Big Book 12-Step Phone Conference

Officially launching tomorrow!

The call takes place Mon-Thurs at 12 Noon - EST Eastern time

From U.S: 641-715-3836

From Israel: 076 599 0060

From U.K: 0330 606 0520

Participant Access Code: 637207#

See this page for info on the call

The 12-Steps were developed back in the 1930’s by a group of alcoholics. These people had tried everything in the world, and yet they could not stop their addiction to alcohol even though it was completely destroying their lives. Somehow, Hashem opened their eyes to a simple spiritual program of 12-Steps that began helping even the worst cases to recover. The success of this program slowly spread, and today there are thousands of 12-Step groups throughout the world for every type of addiction, whether it’s alcohol, gambling, over-eating, narcotics, or sexual addiction. This simple program has helped millions of people to recover from even the strongest cases of addiction. The 12-Steps work best when worked together as a group, and with a sponsor. On Duvid Chaim's group, you will be working the steps as a group together with other frum men. Hundreds have been helped through this great conference call!