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GYE's New Video Site

Announcing the launch of GYE's new Video website

the.guard Sunday, 18 December 2016


The site currently has over 200 videos in over 30 categories such as:

 GuardYourEyes Videos  

 Stop Me from Falling  

 Understanding Addiction  

 Getting back up after a fall  

 Technology Dependence  

 Inspiration for Women  

 Inspirational Videos  

 Dealing with SSA  

 Overcoming Challenges  

 Improving Marriage  

 The Power of Giving  

 Lobbying for Cleaner Internet  

 Attitude of Gratitude  

 Parenting Software  

 Parenting Videos  

 Rabbi Dr. Abraham Twerski  

 Strengthen your Emunah  

 Rabbi Bentzion Shafier  

 Dealing with Depression  

 Using Technology Safely  

We hope these videos can inspire many people for years to come.

Note: The videos are not hosted on problematic websites like Youtube or Vimeo, but rather on a Kosher video hosting site called Ask your filter company to open the site for you.

We would like to expand our selection of videos with time. Please help and send any good inspirational videos you may have to us via dropbox or google drive to Keep in mind: the videos need to be 100% clean and somehow related to our struggle with lust. If the video can inspire us in any one of the categories above, it could be useful to our members.

Thank you!