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Can another New Year's resolution change our unmanageable lives?!



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GYE Admin Monday, 02 January 2017

Continuing Our New Series: Can another New Year's resolution CHANGE our unmanageable lives?!

HAPPY NEW YEAR - Or is it?

Growing up, I remember how jealous my friends were of me because I got to CELEBRATE TWO NEW YEARS each year! Not only Rosh Hashana but also January 1st.

BUT, I wasn't so happy during either of these New Years! In fact, I was pretty sad, since I knew that once again - just like everyone else - I was going to make a NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTION - that I wasn't going to keep!

TODAY, after enjoying a New Design for Living for over a decade, I actually appreciate both New Years. Why? Because now I make not only a resolution for real teshuva and growth at Rosh Hashana but I also RENEW MY COMMITMENT to change during the January 1st New Year.

You may be thinking, "sure Duvid Chaim, you can make a resolution to change, but not me! I've tried so many times - especially when I hit rock bottom - but a week or a month later, I'm back to my same ol’ frustrating behaviors and way of thinking!"

Let me just share with you: IF I CAN CHANGE, ANYBODY CAN CHANGE!

YOU JUST HAVE TO BE SMART! Or more precisely, you have to be S.M.A.R.T. !

S.M.A.R.T. Resolution With just 5 Basic Steps:

- S pecific - With real concrete, written down GOALS you want to accomplish this New Year.

- M easurable - Now that you have your goals, how are you going to track Success? That's why your Goals also have to be specific enough to set some "hurdles" that reward you with that sense of progress!

- A ttainable - Not only must we set specific goals and be capable of measuring success, but we have to Arm ourselves with the best TOOLS to get the Job done! This may mean getting support, training, guidance, etc. whatever will help you attain success.

- R ealistic - I've always dreamed of being an astronaut and going to the moon...but that's probably not a very realistic goal for me. This is one of the main reasons people fail in achieving their goals. You know yourself and what you can achieve (of course, this doesn't give you an excuse to not stretch or push yourself). But you don't want to set a goal so lofty that you'll end up being discouraged and abandon your dream.

- T ime-Sensitive - This is probably the most important step for success in making real change - and making it stick! This step simply guides you so whatever Resolution you make, you need to break it down into parts. based on time. So whatever you want to accomplish this year, determine how to get there by setting a plan what to accomplish THIS MONTH...THIS WEEK... AND EVEN TODAY!

SO HAPPY NEW YEAR to all my friends following our posts and ask yourself... - ISN'T IT TIME TO BE S.M.A.R.T.?!


And, feel free to forward this email to a friend or loved one - or someone you feel needs some help in this area. Ask them to subscribe to this series.

Having said this, and if you are still frustrated that you really want to tackle the UNMANAGEABILITY of your life - or you want to really go deeper and are really serious about change, join those who have already signed up for the "4-for-4" Motivational Workshops. These men and women are joining forces because they're ready for change! And they're committed to making that happen! Groups are forming right now! HOW ABOUT YOU?

Pick one of The Plans of Action below:


Turn Can’t into Can

What do I do now??? Sign up for Duvid Chaim's "4-for-4 Motivational Workshop” or Miriam's “One on One Advanced Training."

The "4-for-4 Workshop" is an Exclusive Group Coaching Workshop limited to only Four Men per Group for Four Working Sessions.

I am offering the following 4-for-4 Workshops for three levels of participants:

* The Newcomers’ Track - For men who have little to no experience working the 12 Step Program. You will be fast-tracked thru the most essential and effective tools of the 12 Step Program. You will graduate with a working knowledge of the Program to deal not only with your addictions but also with the unmanageability of your life!

* The High Leverage Track - For men who have been thru and worked all of the 12 Step Program. You will learn the latest science and art of motivational tools to leverage and insure your Success with Recovery and Satisfaction in all areas of your life.

* The Masters’ Track - This is the Ultimate in Motivation and Inspiration. We will go beyond the Program and address how to succeed in Career, Family, Health, Spirituality and more. Once equipped with these elite level tools, you will truly understand Freedom and Serenity.

And Miriam is inviting you to GAIN A NEW PERSPECTIVE into Recovery and your role as a Spouse of an addict. Please reply directly to

The cost for each participant is specially priced at $75per Workshop Session - to be paid in full prior to beginning.

As a BONUS, to help participants actualize what they learn in the Workshops - EACH participant is getting a PRIVATE SESSION for an undisturbed 15 minutes after EACH class.

I do not want to leave anyone out, however, I will need to close the registration after a few more sign ups to keep the classes interactive with questions and exercises and to ensure I am able to provide each participant with the tools that will help you KEEP THAT HIGH!

PLEASE REPLY NOW to to get your REGISTRATION FORM and let me know in which of the three tracks you are enrolling.

Here's what my clients are saying:

Emanuel says:

"I wanted to share with you that today I am 50 days clean, something that I never thought possible. And it is no coincidence that I started coaching with you, 50 days ago. So thank you very much for all your support.

Slowly but surely, I am changing my way of thinking and looking at Hashem. And to be honest, I feel the urges less and less each day!"

Yehudah says:

"Making the commitment to invest in Duvid Chaim’s workshop was an important step forward for me that has helped to set me on a new path of hope. Through the workshop and my relationship with Duvid Chaim, I began to understand my problem in a more realistic way, and I became more devoted to taking serious steps to get the help that I need. Duvid Chaim’s experience and compassion allowed me to begin thinking, feeling and acting in better ways through my ups and downs, and gave me new ways to reach out for help when I was struggling. Though I am not yet where I ultimately hope to be, I am thankful for the progress that I have made so far."

Avi says:

"As I am writing this, I completed the 90-day journey.

To be honest, before starting out with Duvid Chaim, I really thought that this was going to be another one of all the failed attempts at recovery. But, Duvid Chaim defintely proved me wrong.

With all the tools that Duvid Chaim gave me, I am confident that I am able to overcome any obstacle.

Simply put: AMAZING!"